How Does Rug Dry Cleaning Work?

How Does Rug Dry Cleaning Work?

If you own fine rugs, chances are you know how important it is to take care of them. You also probably realise that rugs need special treatment. This is especially so for handmade rugs with sensitive fibres and special dyes.

Treating these as you would a normal carpet floor might well damage them beyond repair. That’s why you should look into rug dry cleaning. By regularly employing a reputable rug cleaning service to take care of the rugs in your Sydney home you’ll keep them looking and smelling good for years and years, perhaps even for generations.

So how does rug dry cleaning work?

Rug Cleaning MachineInstead of using water, which could damage your rugs and cause mould, rug dry cleaning uses special cleaning agents. These are applied to your rugs in a variety of ways such as foam, powder, or granules. Popular nowadays are organic compounds, which are bio degradable and eco friendly.

Professional rug cleaners have special equipment that applies the agents evenly to your rugs and make sure it reaches every part of the item. Some machines use horizontally rotating brushes for thorough application.

The agent penetrates deep into the pile where it dissolves stains and other contaminants. The cleaners can then use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the remaining material to end up with a clean and fresh rug. Importantly, it’s a dry rug so there’s no danger or mould growing.

So if you own antique rugs of any kind such as silk rugs, don’t trust them to a regular cleaning service. Use expert rug cleaners who know how to handle these kinds of rugs. Otherwise you might well end up with running dyes, damaged fibres, and a damaged rug. And that would be a shame.

Remember that sweeping and beating your rugs works well to remove surface, dust, dirt and grit. But it doesn’t reach the contaminants lying deep in the pile or deal with stains. For that you should consult your local rug cleaning service to ask about rug dry cleaning.

Are you in need of Sydney’s finest rug cleaning service? We’re only ever a phone call away.

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