We’ll Let Our Customers Do the Talking

Rug Wash Specialist is ready to deliver the clean rugs you are looking for. As rug professionals with the experience to clean any kind of rug, we can provide you with the kind of cleaning you can trust. Over the years, we have been able to provide quality results to many great customers. From time to time our customers want to leave a testimonial about the service that they have received. Here are a few of the comments that our customers have had to say about our service.


“I have an antique rug that has been in my family for years and I wanted to hand it down to my daughter for her wedding. I was worried about its appearance, so I brought it in to be cleaned. I was worried that the rug would be damaged, but I see now that my worry was unfounded. The team did a great job of cleaning and restoring the rug and it is going to make a great present.”

–Mike Ensley

The rug in the foyer has been accumulating a lot of dirt over the years. I vacuum regularly, but it is not enough to keep it clean. Rug Wash Specialist picked up my rug and cleaned it for me. I was amazed at the difference it made. I forgot about just how brilliant the rug looked when I bought it. Thanks!”

–Alice Causey

I get my rug cleaned regularly and I decided to give Rug Wash Specialist a try to change pace. Not only did they do a bang up job, but they did it at a better price than what I am used to. I think I have found a new rug cleaning service!”

–Denton Jameson

These are just a few of the satisfied reports we have received over the years. We’re ready to help with your rug and look forward to hearing from you on 1300 657 857.