Shag Rug Cleaning

 Sydney’s Shag & Contemporary Rug Cleaning Specialist

If you have a contemporary shag rug that needs special care you can’t leave its care up to just anyone. You need the shag rug cleaning service that Sydney residents trust for all of their specialty carpet cleaning. You need Rug Wash Specialist.

Sydney’s Shag Rug Cleaning Experts

A shag rug is not like any other carpet. It has much longer fibres and a different makeup than the usual carpets most homes have. At Rug Wash Specialist we have the special equipment and cleaning products you need to deliver a deep clean for your shag rug while maintaining its special appearance and texture.

Professional Rug Cleaners

We don’t hire just anyone to do the job at Rug Wash Specialist. We send only those properly trained in shag rug cleaning. Our team are trained to be especially careful with our equipment to avoid pulls, snags and other forms of damage commonly seen on shag rugs when they are not cared for properly. Our highly trained rug cleaners will take the greatest care to ensure your carpet looks like new and smells fresh and clean.

Emergency Rug Cleaning

It may sound silly to use the words emergency and rug cleaning in the same sentence however if you have an accident and are in a panic give us a call and let us know what’s happened. We will be happy to give you a quote and get out to you ASAP so we can help get rid of the mess before it gets ground in from trodding!

We are Sydney’s most trusted rug cleaners with all of the equipment and options you need for all of your specialty rugs. Call 1300 657 857 today.