Rug Wash Specialist is different from the rest of the rug cleaners out there in that we do not use harsh steam cleaning to clean your rugs with. We have realised just how hard this process is on your rug, so we wash them instead. We remove the stains in a gentle manner meant to preserve the appearance and the life of your rug.

We honour the techniques that have been created by Rug Wash Specialist while working with the rug dealers throughout the industry to create even better cleaning techniques moving forward. We are passionate about rug cleaning and want to provide you with the best looking carpets for your money. Trust in our cleaning professionals at Rug Wash Sydney to deliver the results you are looking for. We are available to answer any questions about the cleaning process as well as our ability to remove specific stains from your rug. Call us today to learn more about our seven step cleaning process and to get your rug cleaned on 1300 657 857.