Can Steam Cleaning Work on Rugs?

Can Steam Cleaning Work on Floor Rugs?

If you live in Sydney, rug steam cleaning is a service you can see advertised in many places. You probably know that using steam is one of the best ways to thoroughly clean carpets. The scalding jets of steam penetrate deep into the fibres and destroy mould and mites. But can you use this method to clean rugs? The simple answer is ‘maybe’.

You take excellent care of your rugs but accidents do happen. It just takes a spilt glass of wine at a party, a leaking pipe or radiator, or an incontinent pet to potentially ruin your precious rugs unless you act fast.

Steam cleaning can remove dirt from even deep in the fibres of your rug while protecting the rug from damage. It can also completely remove odours to remove your rugs fresh and fragrant. What’s more, it can remove soap and other cleansing agents left behind from previous cleanings. These can cause damage to your carpet over time.

Steam cleaning is a great weapon against all kinds of stains and contaminants but it has to be done with care. The fact is that modern factory made rugs can tolerate steam cleaning well.

Rug Cleaning MachineHowever, those made of wool such as Persian and other Oriental types need considerable care. The fibres are more delicate and the dyes tend to run under the impact of high-pressure jets of scalding water. Another problem is that without care, the steam can strip away oils from the fibres and leave them exposed and brittle.

In essence, if you need to steam clean your Oriental or antique rugs, it’s vital you put the job into the hands of experts. This kind of task needs the touch of an expert who understands antique rugs and how to deal with them.

Expert rug cleaners know how to calibrate water temperature so that it cleans thoroughly without damaging delicate fibres or affecting the dyes. By putting the job into the capable hands of experts in Sydney, rug steam cleaning can be carried out safely and effectively.

Are you in need of professional rug steam cleaning? We pick up and return your rugs free of charge and are ready to help when you are.

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