How to Know When It’s Time to Clean Your Rugs

How to Know When It’s Time to Clean Your Rugs and Considering the Best Options

Do you know when it’s time to clean your rugs? If you give your rug a shake and see dirt or dust emerging, you know it’s time for a professional rug clean. The good news is that rug cleaning professionals have the tools and techniques to safely and effectively get your rugs looking like new again.

Clean Floor Rug IllustrationIf you are the proud owner of an oriental rug or two, you probably appreciate the way they enhance your room with their sheer style. You take care of your rugs with regular vacuuming, and perhaps rotating them to even out wear and tear. However, every so often, you need to give them a proper clean.

Regular deep cleaning is important because contaminants such as dust, sand and dirt can damage the delicate fibres. Your rug pile can also become infested with mould and dust mites if you don’t take regular expert care of them.

Only professionals understand that each fibre, dye and weaving style requires its own particular approach. They also appreciate that regular carpet cleaning methods can sometimes damage your precious rugs. The wrong cleaning agents might affect the delicate fibres of your rug and cause the delicate dyes to run. Wool, in particular, is susceptible to heat and chemical damage. In short, Oriental rugs require specialised rug cleaning services that only experts can provide.

When you take advantage of quality oriental rug cleaning, the experts can treat your rugs with the respect they deserve. Be sure to choose a reputable company with years of experience. Only such a company will have trained staff who understand how to handle the different rug materials such as silk, sisal or wool, and any special factors regarding their countries of origin.

With proper care, your Oriental rugs will give you generations of service. Well-maintained rugs can sometimes even increase in value over time, so you might just get to enjoy your investment while watching its value grow. Witness the number of antique rugs in existence and you’ll appreciate how hardy and long lasting these items are as well as being a delight for every home.

Are you ready to give your oriental rugs the care they deserve? Call Rug Wash Specialist.

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