What’s So Special About Oriental Rugs & How to Keep them Clean

What’s So Special About Oriental Rugs & How to Keep them Clean

Are you the proud owner of an Oriental rug or two? If so, be sure to take good care of them. That way they’ll give your years of great service and even increase in value. When you need help, Sydney Oriental rug cleaning firms are standing by.

So what exactly is an Oriental rug and what’s so special about them? Essentially, any rug made on the Asian continent may be termed an ‘Oriental Rug’. However, we understand the phrase to mean certain types of high quality, usually handmade rugs, crafted in a few countries including Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan, and Tibet.

What’s so Special About Oriental Rugs?

Oriental Rug ExpertWhat’s special about them is that they’re made using traditional techniques dating back millennia. They’re originally thought to have been made in Persia (as Iran was then known). They’re immediately recognisable owing to their distinctive designs many of which are ancient motifs. Needless to say, these genuine hand crafted Oriental rugs are expensive items. But properly cared for they will repay their investment through giving you years of pleasure. What’s more they may become more valuable over time. Fortunately, taking care of Oriental Rugs does not have to arduous.

Here are a few tips to take the best possible care of your Oriental Rug:

  1. You just need to vacuum them regularly, say once a week.
  2. Try to use a canister vacuum if possible and don’t use a harsh brush attachment.
  3. Deal with any stains or spillages at once. Use a piece of cloth dampened in water to mop up in the area.
  4. Lift the pile regularly by stroking with a hairbrush.
  5. Hang them briefly in the open air monthly and use a carpet beater to remove dust and grit.
  6. Keep an eye out for moths and their eggs as they can cause serious damage over time.
  7. Finally, take them to be professionally cleaned once a year, or anytime they get badly stained.

Regardless of whether you’re situated in Sydney or one of Australia’s other modern cities, fast action after staining or serious spillage is vital as only an expert Oriental rug cleaner will know exactly how to proceed. Cleaning Oriental rugs is a specialised art that requires knowledge of the weave and types of dye used. Without this knowledge and its expert application, your rugs could be ruined.

Are you in need of the finest oriental rug cleaning service? We’re ready to help and are only a phone call away.

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