How to Protect and Preserve Your Rugs for the Long Term

How to Protect and Preserve Your Rugs for the Long Term

Whether your rugs are antique heirlooms or modern handmade items, the fact is that protecting and caring for them will result in them keeping their value and lasting longer.

You should begin looking after your rug from day one. As soon as you get it home, give it a good vacuuming and lay it flat on the floor. It may take some time to assume its proper shape as it’s probably been rolled up for a while.

Vacuum your rug on at least a weekly basis. This will help keep dirt and dust from being ground down into the pile. You should also vacuum the backs of your rugs every few months. Get a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to catch mites, moths and other creatures that can infest and damage your rugs.

In addition, be sure to sweep your floors regularly. Dirt from here can be transferred onto your rugs where it can work its way deep into the pile and damage the fibres.

Don’t forget the underside of your rugs as wear can occur here too. One thing you can do to prevent this is to apply rug pads to the bottom. These will help stop the rugs slipping and wearing

Take Advantage of Specialist Rug Cleaning Services

To get the best from your rugs you should have them professionally cleaned once a year. You should also get expert cleaning in the case of stains. The fact is that each type of rugs requires its own particular cleaning method.

Rugs with rayon pile, for example, must only be dry cleaned. Trying to deal with stains yourself could damage your rugs beyond repair. Also professional cleaners can check for mould and insect infestation and take appropriate action if needed. If ignored, mould and mildew can destroy your rugs over time so be sure to have this checked.

Whether you’re located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or another part of the country, regular professional cleaning from rug cleaning experts can not just make your rugs clean, fresh and fragrant, it will also extend their life. That way it makes a great investment.

Are you ready to give your rugs the care they deserve? Now you know what to do!

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