From Purchasing Hand Woven Rugs to Hand Woven Rug Cleaning, Sydney: Tips From the Pros

Mastering the Art of Handwoven Rugs: Tips from Purchasing to Handwoven Rug Cleaning in Sydney

Journey into excellence navigating handwoven rug mastery – insider tips for purchasing, caring and cleaning Sydney’s aesthetic domain.

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Before embarking on a substantial financial commitment towards acquiring a rug, it becomes imperative to thoroughly comprehend the distinction between an authentic hand-woven masterpiece and a mere imitation. Equally vital is your awareness regarding the nuances of hand-woven rug cleaning in the vibrant city.

Given that this endeavour constitutes a significant investment, delving into the depths of knowledge is paramount to ensure an informed decision-making process.

This approach is essential to grasp the intricacies and subtleties that encompass such an acquisition, thereby solidifying your ability to make a well-informed choice regarding this substantial investment.


If you are ready to purchase a hand-woven rug, there are a lot of fraudulent salespeople out there who are ready to take your money. Educate yourself about the difference between a true hand-woven rug and a fake beforehand, and you can avoid becoming a victim.

A rug that was genuinely woven by hand will show the same design on the back as it does on the front. The primary types of handmade rugs, which are not all hand-woven rugs, are as follows:

  • A hand-knotted rug is knotted by hand and is made on a specially-designed loom. This is considered to be a hand-woven rug.
  • A hand-tufted rug, though generally made with a modified hand drill, is considered to be handmade, but not hand woven, and it is not the same as a hand-knotted rug. These rugs are not typically valuable when compared to a hand-woven rugs.
  • A flat weave rug is a type of handmade rug that has no pile. These can be hand-woven rugs, but are not always.


The care you take in maintaining your investment is critical to its longevity and value. In general, a hand-woven rug should be cleaned every 1 to 3 years, and a professional should do it.

As far as day-to-day maintenance, if the rug is subjected to foot traffic, it should be vacuumed no more than once a week using the least aggressive strength possible. Sweep from side to side, instead of end to end to avoid damaging any fringe, and take the rug outside twice a year to vacuum the underside of it.

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