How to Keep Commercial Rugs in Optimal Condition

Why Many Sydney Businesses Utilise Specialised Rug Cleaning Services to Help Keep their Rugs in Optimal Condition

If you own or run a business that makes use of a lot of rugs, are you sure you’re taking the best care of them? Rugs bring warmth, style and comfort to any hotel, spa, restaurant or office lobby but they’re at risk of everything from spills to footfall.

Commercial Rug Cleaning Sydney Tips

Regular vacuuming is vital to keep your rugs as clean as possible. However, some contaminants, especially heavier particles such as grit, can work their way deep down into the pile.

As people walk on rugs, these harsh materials rub against the fibres deep in the rug causing wear and tear. The result is a seriously shortened lifespan for your rugs.

One technique you can employ between professional commercial rug cleaning is to turn the rug over and vacuum the back. This procedure can help shake the debris out from the pile. However, regular professional wet washing is the only effective way to deal with this problem.

Another problem with rugs in commercial settings is that they tend to get stained often. Whether from drinks or foodstuffs, matter on the soles of shoes, or spilt substances such as nail polish, your rugs are constantly at risk of damage from stains. Be sure to deal with them promptly.

Moreover, if your rugs are in high traffic areas, be sure to rotate them regularly. The same applies to rugs that are in direct sunlight as the ultra violet rays can cause fading.

How Professional Rug Cleaning Can Help

Using regular dusting and vacuuming can do much to keep your rugs looking good and to maximise their life. But every so often you’ll need commercial rug cleaning. Carpet and rug cleaning experts can deep clean your rugs and render them clean down to the roots no matter whether you’re located in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne or further afield.

Rug specialists can also carry out maintenance and repairs. By catching problems early, they can repair your rugs before the issue becomes serious and you have to replace the rug at great expense.

You made a significant investment in your rugs so it makes sense to give them the care they deserve with commercial rug cleaning done right.

For those times when you need the best commercial rug cleaning Sydney has to offer, contact Rug Wash Specialist.

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