Sydney Rug Cleaners – Your Guide to Caring for Your Area Rugs

If you own an area rug or few, you know how much comfort and style they bring to any room. They’re the ideal flexible way to add warmth and interest to any space. And with just a little help from your expert Sydney rug cleaners, taking care of them is a snap.

When it comes to taking care of your area rugs, your procedure will depend on the type of rug, specifically, whether it’s made from natural or synthetic material.

Whatever kind of area rugs you own, they can benefit from a regular vacuuming. Vacuum both sides of reversible rugs as grit and dust can damage and wear both top and bottom. Try to clean using suction power only without a brush roll. An upright or power head vacuum with a rotating brush/beater bar works best to extract any contaminants held fast by the rug.

Rugs can also benefit from washing through you have to be especially careful about this. For one thing, you should only wash them when they’re dirty. You can gauge this from how dingy they look. You can also check by lifting up a corner and letting it drop. A puff of dust indicates cleaning is due. Another sign is your rugs are emitting any odour.

It’s important you don’t wash your rugs unless you know exactly what you’re doing. If you’ve read the label and have experience with rugs, then you can go ahead.

Otherwise, you should entrust the washing of your area rugs to experts with the knowledge and materials to do the right job for your particular type of rug. Using the wrong techniques can cause the colours to run and damage your rugs beyond repair.

In any event, a regular annual servicing by reputable Sydney rug cleaners is the best thing you can do to keep your area rugs in top shape. That way they’ll grace your home for many years and repay your investment handsomely.

Are you ready to give your area rugs the care they deserve with Sydney rug cleaners? Call Sydney Rug Wash now on1300 657 857.

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