Rug Washing – Should you Do It?

Have you thought about washing your rugs and wondered whether it’s safe? The fact is you have to very careful with your rugs, especially the antique variety. Rug washing is a job best left to professionals with the knowledge and skills to do it properly.

Rugs of all kinds make wonderful addition to any home or commercial property. They bring warmth and style to any setting. However, to get the most out of them and to keep them in good shape for as long as possible, you need to take good care of your rugs.

One question we get asked often is “Is rug washing OK?”. The answer is ‘Only if you know what you’re doing’. Here’s why.

Rug Washing Caveats

Using agents such as bleach or certain commercial products with natural rugs, such as those made from wool, silk or cotton can result in colour loss, dye bleeding, and fibre damage.

Another reason to be careful about washing rugs is that you really need to make sure all the cleaning agent is removed. Soap residue attracts dirt and can result in even dirtier rugs. Moreover, you have to be sure you dry your rugs out completely to avoid mould.

Home Rug Cleaning Tips

As you can see, we don’t recommend rug washing at home. The best procedure is weekly vacuuming. Then every month you can take your rugs outside and beat them if that’s practical. Try to deal with stains fast. If your rugs become badly stained, take them to a professional rug cleaner as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, you should have regular treatment from a professional rug cleaning service. Expert firms such as Sydney Rug Wash can decide whether your rugs need washing and carry out the job properly. We recommend you do this once a year.

Making small regular investment in your rugs through professional cleaning is the smart way to enhance their beauty and longevity. If you love your rugs, be sure to treat them well.

Are you ready to give your rugs the care they deserve? Call Sydney Rug Wash now on1300 657 857 for a complete service including rug washing.

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