Preserving an Heirloom: Hand Made Rug Cleaning and Care Tips

Safeguarding Treasures: Expert Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Handmade Heirloom Rug

Eternal beauty demands eternal care unlock the secrets to preserving your handmade heirloom rug with expert advice.

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Delving into the realm of preserving and maintaining handmade rugs unveils a multi-faceted journey, where the art of cleaning serves as just a single facet of the larger tapestry of care. These handmade rugs, often elevated to the status of cherished heirlooms due to their exquisite craftsmanship and historical significance, merit meticulous attention to ensure their prolonged lifespan. Recognizing that these rugs hold not only monetary value but also sentimental worth, it becomes evident that proper care becomes an indispensable duty for those fortunate enough to possess them. The fortunate reality is that, beyond the intricacies of cleaning, there exists a realm of easy yet impactful actions that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, fostering an environment where your beloved handmade rugs perpetuate their value and splendour over the years.


The single most important thing to know about the care of your handmade rugs is that you should not attempt to clean them yourself using chemicals or steam, and, do not put them in the washing machine. Any of those actions can irreparably damage your rug.

The best way to clean a handmade rug is by simply scrubbing it with cold water and mild detergent. However, it is strongly advised that you hire a professional to do this because they will know the correct equipment and detergent to use for your type of rug.


Often, a rug is just too beautiful to have on the floor and is hung on the wall as art. If you do this, do not use nails or staples to secure it. Instead, purchase clamps that are specially designed for the purpose of hanging rugs. In fact, some clamps are ornate in appearance and may add visual value to the display.


If you plan on storing your rug, make sure you wrap it in cloth or a sheet but do not put it in an airtight bag. Rugs are prone to rot and mould when they are not allowed to breathe. If the rug is particularly large, consider wrapping it around a pole or other smooth round object. This will preserve the integrity of the shape of the rug.

One more note on storage: Do not store your rug in a hot, humid or damp room, or when it is wet. Any of those conditions will cause bacteria and mould to grow on the rug, resulting in damage.

Whether you have your handmade rug on the floor, hanging on the wall, or locked in storage, these tips will help preserve it so that, when it comes time for you to hand it down to the next generation, you’ll know that it will be worth passing on

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