Hand Made Rug Cleaning: Sydney

When it comes to hand made rug cleaning, Sydney, you should really leave it to the professionals. However, if you have a small rug that is easy to manoeuvre and move around by hand, you may find it more feasible and cost-effective to clean it yourself. Keep in mind that, unless something is spilled on your rug, or it somehow becomes excessively soiled, it is not wise to clean your rug more than once a year. The fibres of the rug will weaken under the strain of too many cleanings.


Of course you will need to sweep your rug really well before washing it. Do it as you normally do, making sure to get out all of the dust you can. This will ensure that the process of washing the rug will be minimized. The goal is to lessen the overall wear and tear when you do any hand made rug cleaning, Sydney.


Before you enter into any kind of hand made rug cleaning, Sydney, test a very small area of the rug. Test every colour separately. If your rug has ten colours in it, do ten tests. What you are looking for is the potential for the colours in the rug to migrate. The last thing you want is for the colours to bleed together and ruin the rug.


When you get to the stage of the actual hand made rug cleaning, Sydney, do not use any chemicals on the rug! The only two things you should ever use are flowing water and a very mild detergent. Wash the rug outside as if you are giving it a gentle bath, making sure that the water continually flows over it and doesn’t stay. Complete this step as absolutely gently as possible.


Do not use rollers, wringers, or any other equipment to rinse out your rug. Use only your hands. This may be the step that takes the most amount of time because; even though you must ensure that you get out as much water as possible.


Dry the rug outside, if possible. Whatever you do, do not lay it flat on the floor to dry. This will allow mould and mildew to develop.


Once you are done with the hand made rug cleaning, Sydney, gently brush the fibres with a gentle brush made specifically for the purpose. You will see your dirty rug come back to life!

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