Commercial Rug Cleaning: What’s Your Type?

Decode Your Path to Cleanliness: Navigating the Terrain of Commercial Rug Cleaning by Type

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Not all commercial rug cleaning processes are the same. In fact, there are five primary methods to choose from, including the three most popular: foam, shampoo and steam. Understanding the nuances of each method empowers you to make an informed decision when it comes to scheduling your next commercial rug cleaning appointment. Let’s delve into a brief exploration of these three prominent processes, shedding light on their unique attributes and benefits when scheduling your next commercial rug cleaning appointment.


In this process, which is the most common, shampoo is worked into the rug and then allowed to dry. Once dry, the rug is then vacuumed. The downsides are that the process takes longer than other methods, and your rug will take quite a while to dry. However, the chemicals in the shampoo will aid in repelling dust, and that will keep your rugs looking fresher for longer.


The foam method is the best choice for light jobs. Foam is worked into the rug using the same process as is used in shampoo cleaning but with one big difference. When cleaning a rug using the foam method, only about 10% liquid is used, while 90% of it is air. Your rug won’t get as clean as it would using the shampoo method, but the rug dries much faster, and as long as you do it fairly often, this method is adequate for low-traffic areas.


The option of steam cleaning your rug is the best choice all around. In this process, a mixture of soap and hot water is sprayed onto the rug in order to loosen the dirt. After that, the cleaner is run over the sprayed areas to pull water from the rug. This is the most effective way to clean a rug, and, because the water is pulled out of the carpet, it will take a significantly less period of time for your rug to dry.

Now that you have a handle on the pros and cons of the top three most common rug cleaning processes, you are equipped to make the right choice based on your needs the next time you schedule a commercial rug cleaning appointment.

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